Enchanting Little Meow Complete works
[Li Beichen, Ye Qingge’s fiancé’s Little Uncle, the helmsman of the Li family, greatly indulges her., “Little Uncle, having dignity is a good thing. Won’t you please retain some of it?” she said.“Are you addicted to calling me ‘Little Uncle’? My son already addresses you as ‘mom’. Shouldn’t you…call me ‘hubby’ instead?” he asked.Some have asked Li Beichen — why is he so nice to Ye Qingge?His answer? “She gave birth to my kid at eighteen, gained thirty-three catty in weight, and endured 27 hours of labor. I wouldn’t dare treat a woman like that poorly. I could never do so.”Some have asked Ye Qingge — what’s so great about Li Beichen?Her answer? “He treats me right!”]