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Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite.

Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite.

Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite.

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This is a translated Chinese novel. I am not the author, just translating for fun.

Translator: Doyenro (Fan Translate)

Author: Zhuang Jiang

Alternative universe (AU)

She can produce the most terrifying horror films and also create the most profitable commercial films; she can turn artistic films into commercial successes and turn commercial films into artistic achievements.

Future critiques of Laila all say that she is synonymous with the Hollywood miracle, one of the greatest directors of all time. She even unintentionally becomes the most skilled photographer and strategist.

However, she knows that all of this comes from her biggest secret, which is—she has been reborn!


* The Female Lead(MC) is very patriotic to her old country, so it may be annoying to some people.

* The English gets better from chapter 65, the chapters 1 - 65 will be edited soon.

* The actors' or actresses' characters may be different from reality. It is just an alternate universal fictional novel.

* Alternate History

* Contact me if a novel of the same is officially translated so that I can stop.

* Original Chinese novel completed.