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The Protagonist’s Sister Is Actually The Strongest

The Protagonist’s Sister Is Actually The Strongest

The Protagonist’s Sister Is Actually The Strongest

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I was just another failure of an author, writing stories nobody read, and that never sold. Seeking to improve my writing, I read the most popular novel at that time, Solo Player, to learn what made it so popular. However, as I read this story, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated about the story’s development, which had a terrible ending.

Eventually, and quite bitterly, once I ended reading the book, I found myself transmigrated into the very world of this novel. Did I become the Protagonist? A Villain? Or perhaps even an Extra? No, it was much worse than I imagined. Because I ended up becoming the most worthless character that nobody ever cared about in the novel. A character that is often considered the motivation for the protagonist to grow stronger, but also his greatest burden.

Someone every reader hated!

“I’m the protagonist’s sister…”

However, with my knowledge of this novel's events, my worthlessness was about to change. I’ve decided to not only become the strongest but also change the story’s terrible ending!

“I won’t let you go inside a Dungeon, it’s too dangerous.”

...As long as I can get this incredibly corny and overprotective brother out of my way!

And for some reason, the Constellations won’t stop bothering me.


[The Cosmic Throne {Butterfly That Flies Across The Universe} seems interested in your tenacity!]

[She has sponsored 1000000 Plot Points and the [Demon of Calamity Transformation Technique (SS)] Skill!]

[The Cosmic Throne {Monkey that Dances in Chaos} finds your chaotic nature amusing!]

[He has thrown the [Umbral Chaos Stone Necklace (S Rank)] at you!]

[Not enough? He launched the [Immortal Heaven Peach (SSS Rank)] right on your face!]

There was something really wrong with the Constellations this time around.


[The Cosmic Throne {Jester Filled With Lies} is happy that you’re bringing despair to your victims!]

[He has gifted you the [Jester’s Last Laugh (S Rank Privilege)] and the [Master of Manipulation (SS)] Skill!]

[The Cosmic Throne {Maiden that Watches Over Nature} seems happy you’re growing stronger.]

[She has gracefully sponsored you with 2000000 Plot Points and Fully Heals All Your Wounds!]

[She has also begun to wonder if you could plant some trees for her, gifting you the [Divine World Tree Seedling (SSS Rank)]!]

[The Cosmic Throne {Warrior That Seeks Calamity} is satisfied with your battle performance but asks for more battle!]

[He has sponsored you with 500000 Plot Points and [Beheading Sword of Destruction (SSS Rank)]!]

They simply couldn’t stop gifting me things as if I were some sort of famous streamer for them.

“I am grateful, but please just leave me alone already…”

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