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Chapter 50: Sword Intent Across The Skies, Killing Intent Rising!, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, Jian Chaomian practiced the sword at the age of three., At the age of six, he could release sword beams., Possessed the sword qi at the age of 12!, Now, he had touched the threshold of the Sword Dao., A grand elder of the Northern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy was also a sword cultivator., He was also the strongest sword cultivator in the Northern Region now., He had once said that Jian Chaomian could become a Sword Saint when the opportunity arrived!, And what achievements did Ye Qiubai have?, Nothing in particular., He was only at Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm., Even though Jian Chaomian’s actual strength could allow him to fight above his level, he was still a Sea Flow Realm expert., Furthermore, Jian Chaomian could also fight those at a higher level., Moreover, it was a suppression at a higher level., Under the suppression of these layers of halos, how much chance did Ye Qiubai have of winning?, Did he think that an unknown person with such a huge gap in cultivation realm could win?, No one would have such thoughts., At the same time, the deans on the high platform had the same thought., Except for Qin Tiannan!, Huang Tianming looked at this scene and laughed. “Jian Chaomian, what do you mean?”, Wu Deshi also shook his head and said, “Chaomian is dedicated to the sword. Sometimes, I can’t guess his thoughts.”, “Could it be that Jian Chaomian thinks Ye Qiubai is his match?”, Qin Tiannan chuckled. “Why can’t it be like this?”, “Oh?” Wu Deshi smiled faintly and said, “It seems that Dean Qin thinks very highly of your disciple. You seem to have surpassed your own disciple, right?”, Hearing this, Qin Tiannan only smiled and didn’t say anything else., At this moment, Jian Chaomian looked up at the high platform and said in a clear voice, “Deans, is Chaomian’s request approved? If not, 1 can defeat the leaders of the other two regions first.”, His tone was matter-of-fact!, It was as if this was a very easy and ordinary matter!, When Huang Yuan and Shi Sheng heard this, their expressions turned ugly, but they could not refute., Because Jian Chaomian indeed had the ability!, After a while, Wu Deshi stood up and said, “1’11 allow it.”, At this moment, everyone looked at Ye Qiubai on the arena., Huang Yuan looked at Ye Qiubai with a complicated and puzzled expression., Qin Tiannan looked at Ye Qiubai with anticipation., Huang Tianming also stared at Ye Qiubai, thinking about something., Beside Huang Tianming, Jiang Chan rubbed his hands together., Jian Chaomian also looked at Ye Qiubai and said, “Come up.”, Hearing this, Ye Qiubai raised his eyebrows and hugged his sword with both hands. “Why do you want to fight me?”, Jian Chaomian replied, “1 can feel that you have an aura similar to mine…”, “That’s it?”, “Isn’t that enough?”, The senses of a sword cultivator were very accurate, be it towards danger, opportunities, or aura., Ye Qiubai nodded and said, “As you wish.”, The tournament stage was not high., There were nine steps., Ye Qiubai took a step forward and stepped on the first step., The sword qi suddenly erupted wantonly!, The entire space was filled with sharp sword qi!, This sword qi caused everyone’s expressions to change!, It was as if it could cut through everything!, Huang Yuan, Shi Sheng, and Zhang He’s expressions changed., This was because they could sense a threat from the sword qi!, Could this be Ye Qiubai’s true strength?, At this moment, Ye Qiubai took a second step., He stepped onto the second step!, At this moment, a monstrous demonic qi appeared!, It fused with the wanton sword qi in the world!, The minds of everyone present were affected to a certain extent. Those with low cultivation wanted to kneel and submit!, As for those with high cultivation, their hearts trembled!, It was the same for Huang Yuan and the others!, Jian Chaomian, who was on the stage, saw this scene and his eyes lit up with interest., A sword aura also swept out, as if it was resisting Ye Qiubai’s extremely corrosive black sword aura!, Huang Tianming also leaned forward slightly on the high platform. When he saw this scene, he could not help but think to himself, “He did indeed meet with a fortuitous encounter?”, Xin Hongyi looked at Ye Qiubai’s back and fell into a daze., This aura had far surpassed hers., As expected, it was difficult to catch up…, With every step he took up,, The sword qi around Ye Qiubai became even stronger!, His aura would also increase continuously!, Everyone was shocked to discover that, Ye Qiubai’s aura was no longer something an ordinary Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm cultivator could compare to!, His aura was comparable with the aura of someone at the Sea Flow Realm!, At this moment, on the high platform, Wu Deshi smiled in surprise and said, “Oh? Dean Qin, this student of yours is quite well-hidden.”, The Dean of the Eastern Region Academy also put on a fake smile and said, “No wonder you could defeat Zhou Xing with one strike.”, Zhou Xing was the peak Purple Mansion Realm expert who had been crushed by Ye Qiubai., Qin Tiannan said with a faint smile, “I’m not sure about the students’ own matters.”, Old fox!, The other three Deans could not help but curse in their hearts!, At the head of the table, Jiang Chan clasped his hands together and placed them between her knees. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw this., He had really recovered his talent and it was even stronger than before!, Huang Tianming frowned., He had heard that Ye Qiubai’s talent had disappeared., Now, not only had his talent recovered, his cultivation had also improved so quickly., He probably had to get Shadow Kill to speed up., However, in the next moment., When Ye Qiubai stepped out of the nine steps and arrived on the arena,, A sword cry soared into the sky!, In this space, other than the monstrous Sword Intent and the wanton demonic qi!, There was another thing on the arena!, When everyone saw this scene, they were all stunned!, Huang Yuan, Shi Sheng, and Zhang He were all shocked!, The deans of the four territories looked solemn on the high platform!, Qin Tiannan’s face was full of surprise!, On the stage, Jian Chaomian was stunned for a moment before he revealed an ecstatic expression. He laughed loudly and took out his sword. Waves of Sword Intent enveloped it!, “As expected, my senses aren’t wrong!”, If Huang Tianming only wanted to kill him because of what happened earlier…, Now, the strength Ye Qiubai displayed made Huang Tianming suddenly stand up!, Killing intent overflowed from his eyes!, How was this possible?!, How could it be Sword Intent!, That’s right, Ye Qiubai released his Sword Intent without holding back!, It was different from the sword intent that Jian Chaomian had just touched., Ye Qiubai’s sword intent had already reached the level of a Great Sword Master!, How many years had Ye Qiubai cultivated the sword?!, He could comprehend Sword Intent to such an extent?, What kind of talent was this?, Huang Tianming would not be at ease if he did not kill this person immediately!, Immediately, Huang Tianming said to Jiang Jun behind him, “Immediately mobilize the Asura Cavalry and kill Ye Qiubai after the competition ends!, “Also, send a voice transmission to the Imperial Palace’s Revered Elder and Eunuch Ming immediately to ask them to come personally!”, Jiang Jun’s expression turned solemn when he heard this. He nodded and immediately flew to the ship, wanting to contact the people in the palace!, He knew that Huang Tianming wanted to kill Ye Qiubai!, At the side, Jiang Chan was not surprised but was anxious when she saw this scene!, At this moment, Ye Qiubai held the wooden sword in one hand and looked at Jian Chaomian. “Unleash your attack.” He said indifferently..

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