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Do you love Vietnam? Don’t miss it when you trip to vietnam !!!

Vietnam is a country rich in culture, tourist activities, good food and friendly local people. This country also has a variety of beautiful tourist destinations to explore. There are many destinations that can be visited when traveling to Vietnam, one of which is to enjoy the beauty of the Mekong Delta with Cruises Along The Mekong River.

The following destinations are mandatory destinations for fellow travelers when visiting Vietnam.

Halong Bay

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Halong Bay is not far from the capital of Vietnam, which is about 3-4 hours drive from Hanoi. You have to be careful when determining the date of visiting Halong Bay, because it could be that many tourists will flock to Halong Bay and cover up its beauty.

Therefore, Halong Bay is a mandatory destination for tourists. It feels incomplete if you don’t visit this one destination. The high cliffs that surround the island make the beauty of Halong Bay very stunning.

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Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

Vietnam's Daring Golden Bridge Takes a “Hands-On” Approach to Tourism | ArchDaily

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This bridge is located in Ba Na Hills Danang. This bridge opened in 2018, and is a phenomenal bridge in Vietnam. This giant hand bridge is located in the Sun World Ba Na Hills area at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.

WOW that’s high isn’t it? this is the icon where the uniqueness of this phenomenal bridge is the presence of a giant hand or the hand of a god who seems to be holding the bridge.

To arrive at the golden bridge, you are required to take the cable car. This is because the location of this destination is in a mountainous area.

Historical Tour in Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town Vietnam - Best Hue City Tours

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Hoi An is a tourist destination that has been registered as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999. This city has a variety of interesting tourist attractions to visit and become a learning center. It’s a shame if you don’t visit this Hoi An destination while visiting Vietnam.

Hoi An is an old city that describes Vietnam in its time. Hoi An was once a bustling port and trading center.

Sailing along the Mekong Delta

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The Mekong River is the longest river in Vietnam. This river is also included in the list of the longest rivers in the world and is a must-visit when traveling to Vietnam.

there are a lot of tourist activities here, in particular you can mingle with local residents and participate in shopping at the papung market, along the river with boats provided for tourists.

Hang Sơn Đoòng

Son Doong Cave Vietnam- The World's Underground Heaven - Phong Nha Locals Travel & Transport

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In Vietnam there is a cave that is declared to be, the largest cave in the World, its name is Hang Sơn oòng, this cave is in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park area, which is in Quang Binh. Hang Son Doong is 3.8km long and 90m wide. Inside this cave there is a swift river flow, because it is called Son Doong Cave which means mountain river.

Inside this cave there is a small forest caused by the collapse of the roof of Hang Son Doong and created a hole as deep as 450 meters and also a swimming pool with natural water.

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