Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world and is located in the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. It extends over 3,470 square miles and has natural phenomena like geysers and hot springs and contains the habitats of such wildlife species as grizzly bears, wolves and herds of bison and elk. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which is one of the biggest temperate zone ecosystems still in pristine condition, makes up a large part of the park.

The park has been declared as a world heritage site and a whole host of activities are carried out to maintain and enhance the survival of the flora and fauna. Among the principal attractions of the park are Old Faithful Geyser, which is the most powerful geyser in the world, Yellowstone Lake and the Mammoth Hot Springs. The park has such rare species as grizzly bears, cherished herds of bison and wild moose. It is a wonderful sight to see the wildlife that lives so near.

The park also has such rare and beautiful sights as the wildlife viewing areas at diet Lake, Indian Creek, Electric Creek and various other places. These areas provide excellent opportunities to observe the wildlife. For instance, the road running along the top of the Old Faithful Geyser cone is not paved but has been built on a solid granite bedrock. At a lower altitude, there is a bird sanctuary where you can see bald eagles and so on.

The wildlife viewing opportunities at Yellowstone are at a very high altitude making it more spectacular when you view the wildlife from a vantage point in the forest. However, the best time to see the wildlife at Yellowstone is from the air. The wildlife viewing opportunities at Yellowstone are superb and include the rare and beautiful northern bald eagle, brown bears, mountain lions, bobcats and migratory birds. On the other hand, the winter and fall are the best times to see the wild animals because the wildlife is dormant in winter and has not been active in the fall.

Other than motorized vehicles, you can also use bikes to see Yellowstone. But, bikes can only be used on designated trails. Other than that, the only other way of reaching the park is by foot. But, there are ways of reaching the park by other means as well.

Some of the ways to reach the Yellowstone National Park by foot include using the North Fork Road, navigating via the Madison River and Fishing Creek, and running across Canoe Creek on the towpath. Biking is a great way to see the park. Some popular areas to visit while cycling include the park loops which are running along the Lake Parkway, and the scenically located west flank of the park. Many of the parkways are well marked so you won’t get lost. Cyclists can use the North Entrance Road which is the road that runs next to the North Entrance Gate to the park. The first trail to the National Park is a paved trail that turns left at the entrance. After that, you will end up at the Equimilation Plant where the explorers cut a channel to access the underground river. This is where the Kilimanjaro was born Vasco da Gama’s wife.

While the king of Kilimanjaro was exploring the environment he decided to build a cap on the top of the mountain and heaped huge rocks around it. It seemed the place would be better to live as he felt the rocks were protecting him from the elements. The Kilimanjaro group felt the rocks were too high and wouldn’t protect the king. The big rocks are there to Dramkla which is the home of the mountain climbers.

Visitors to the park include tourists, groups and nature lovers. You can see the wildlife through the trails and see the various species of plants and flowers. Prior to going up the mountain the guide will show you the different routes to the top. If you are an experienced climber, the mountain climbing is not very difficult. But still, you should bear in mind that this is not a mountain after all. They are routes for experienced climbers and mountaineers.

The park has various pools and lakes. You can see trout and salmon in some of the pools along with rainbow and German brown trout in others. The campsites are available with different facilities like hot showers, amphitheaters etc. The sites are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Some of the facilities that you can find at the campsites in Kilimanjaro National Park include a dining hall, a main kitchen, a dining room table, a picnic area, showers, restrooms and a village store. The rest houses are equipped with flush toilets, amphitheaters and flush toilets. You can get fuel and oil along the way.

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Ron Warren (Author)